Sunday, April 10, 2011

Signifigant Sunday: Love Thy Neighbor

I have this friend and they needed a house and the people that owned the house needed the house sold. But before the owners could purchase a home where they moved out of state they needed to have tenants in the house that hadn't sold yet. A deal was struck and things progressed forward. Conditions were set that the house would show after an allotted amount of time. If if didn't sale in that time then a longer agreement would come to pass and the tenants would stay.

To say that this set of friends has dueling interests would be putting it mildly. But what the common goal is in this relationship was a desire for the other's family to succeed. For example...the Real Estate agent the owners used previously had a family he wanted to show the house to. The deal was the house would not be marketed for 6 months while the tenants were in there. They struggled with even asking the tenants. Finally they decided to let them decide. The tenants agreed to show it. They asked for time to make it presentable because they wanted to put the best face forward on the beautiful home. While in every legality they had the right to refuse. But they didn't.

The owners were very grateful and assured them they had not solicited the showing and that if it did sale they would take care of the family. The tenants knew that they could not only trust in their landlords/friends they could trust in the repercussions of unselfish acts of kindness. Call it karma, call it blessings or call it fate the trust between the two friends is what will outlast brick and mortar, wood and drywall.

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  1. Gee i wish i had a land lord like that 2 or so years ago.