Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Writer Wednesday: Community Networking

You guys remember that post about how I wear many hats? Yeah that one. Oh you don't know well it's here if you are interested. Anyways taking that into context I will be speaking tomorrow at a community event called Ignite Boise. I'm not talking about writing as I am talking about personal experiences and hardships that happened in my life in a funny way. The event is full or artists, authors, agents, readers and the community. Needless to say that afterward at the after parties are going to be a great way to network. Let's face it when any author starts out they start from their home base and work their way out. So with that said one of the things I did with my presentation was include my twitter handle at the bottom of every slide for my PowerPoint. Most people have twitter on their phones and all my blog and facebook stuff link to twitter and my blog has my book page on it as well. The ring of network is complete. So have any of you ever done community networking? If so what were they?

Also: If you are unable to come to hear me speak you can follow along live online at


  1. Public speaking can be a lot of fun. I remember when I used to hate that. Once I had my first TV interview it kind of was game changer. Good luck with the presentation.

  2. I so proud of you!

  3. Thanks P...I actually really love it. Wow TV interview.

  4. Most of my networking was done with journalists, graphic designers in the area, and those in the hotel/hospitality industry. Mostly it just involved speaking one-on-one, sharing interests, and making notes--sometimes on business cards--about common interests.

    Good luck!

  5. I misread. I thought it was next week you were giving your speech. Hope all went well!