Thursday, May 19, 2011

Maude's Adventures: A weekend in bed

Maude pulled the covers over her head buried her face into the pillow. After four weeks of dating Tony, exclusively, (which had been her choice) he hadn't called or returned a text in three days. Broken hearted she called into work using one of her precious sick days. Things had been going great...she thought.

Why would he do this.

Pulling her phone from the charger she checked the ringer volume, made sure it wasn't on vibrate, then checked to see if she had any missed calls or texts. This had become the dominant exercise for the weekend.

A bone cold rain still raged outside, perhaps that had added to her melancholy. She was sure it had. Since having her surgery and losing over a hundred pounds Maude went from a lifetime of being hot all the time to experiencing cold that seeped into her very marrow. It was so bad she couldn't even visit her daughter out West because the winters were too cold.

Her phone beeped and moving with more energy than she had for forty eight hours she dove for it. Knocking pillows off in her haste.

Sliding the phone open to her home screen she saw it was a text from her daughter, Aubrey. She had called and text all weekend. Maude had ignored all of them. She knew she'd have to respond or Aubrey would have the local police department on her door step. That was the thing she admired about her daughter she got results whenever she had her mind set.

Aubrey: R u ok?

Maude: Fine...sick

Aubrey: R u lying to me? (another thing about Aubrey she could always tell when Maude was lying...even 2,000 miles away)

Maude: Sick n the head maybe

Aubrey: Bullocks!!! What's going on?

A small smile crept over Maude's mouth over her daughter's use of the British curse word. Since Aubrey became a mother she quit cussing opting to use slang from other countries. It had worked beautifully until one of the kids went to preschool and called the teacher a bloody sod. With that thought Maude laughed out loud. Her grandson was a very quiet well behaved child. So everyone had been shocked. Aubrey had blamed it on a British TV show they watched. Which was only partially true.

Her phone vibrated again.

Aubrey: If this is over a jack (shortened for jackass) u know I have no patience for it. Suck it up and live. Love you mean it.

Maude didn't respond cause she knew Aubrey's phone was probably off now. Her boss required all phones off at meetings. She took a deep breath, stretched and decided to brush her teeth. Getting up she saw the rain clouds disappearing and the sun peeking through. Perhaps it had been a good day to call in.

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