Sunday, May 8, 2011

Six sentence Sunday the first of many dadadum

 My first SSS how'd I do? Are you interested in my little novella?
Vampires and eternals had actually been at war for a century
before Lucien negotiated a truce between the clan leaders. Alistair
had been infuriated. While Lucien didn’t have any empathy for a
vampire, kidnapping and torture definitely went against the treaty
terms. Is that what Alistair wants…to begin the war again? No,
not that. He wondered what Alistair’s intentions were since
vampires and eternals shared a common weakness with silver…


  1. Might be nice to see Alistair hit with that silver. Nah, not bloodthirsty.

  2. Wow, Bri! I am a not a fan of Vamp novels, but you've certainly got me interested! Maybe it will be your Vamp novella that will change my thinking and opinions on :-) Great SSS!


  3. Definitely get a great sense of who your character is...the part about not empathizing with a vampire, yet being turned off by torture is very realistic! Good first six!!!!!!

  4. I love the names of your characters. Great six.

  5. Welcome to SSS - intriguing, what are eternals?

  6. Alistair doesn't get hit but somebody sure does. LOL

    @Molly that would a great compliment if I did. ;)

    @Thanks so much BG, Kary, Rebecca and Carolyn, Gayle and Mary

    @Jay...Eternals are the highest immortal in the realm. Having shown the Mother Goddess in the dream realm they could have a conscience they are given physical bodies.

  7. Interesting cast of characters!I'm looking forward to more.

  8. Sounds well thoughtout and very interesting