Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Today my brother left for war...and I am unafraid

While the title might sound obnoxious or even callous. Please don't take it that way. I've been aware that this day would come for over a year. My mother has been considerably afraid and even my sister in law as well. But they support our soldier. When my brother enlisted in the Army his father cried like a baby. This big old red neck man who at times made me cry as a child was sobbing. Again I am not trying to be mean it was just an observation.

So why do I not fear for my brother's life or safety when he is in an obvious war zone. Because dear reader fear and faith inherently cancel each other out. I can't have faith in the same heart over the same thoughts or concerns if there is fear there. It's just not possible..

So how did I obtain this faith over fear mentality you ask...I'll tell you.
  • First: I thought about what was the worst possible scenario I let all the emotions that would come with it play out. Thought about what I would have to do in my life if that happened and let the fear and sorrow run its course. Now granted if that worst case does happen I'll still feel the same but I'll also be prepared and therefore will have a game plan of what is expected and be able to offer support and guidance to those that will need it in that moment. I have applied this kind of mentality to different trials in my life and I can confidently say out of multiple times I have only had the worst case happen once.
  • Second: I helped raise this man. I know him. He is witty, strong and intelligent. I remember when he went through all his training and the resilience he showed. He has been trained to do this. This man knew how to feed himself and run a microwave before he could count. Why was that? Because his lazy baby sitting sister wouldn't get off the phone so it was feed yourself or starve. He has a spirit of loyalty and survival. 
  • Third: I've seen his platoon around him. My brother didn't leave right away with his comrades and I've seen the bond between them and I have faith in that. 
  • Finally: I have  an unyielding faith in my religion. I know that my ways are not His ways and everything is eternal.
So I say proudly that my brother goes to war to day and I am unafraid.


  1. the fact that you are unafraid helps to allay my fears. i love your strength and your eloquent way of expressing yourself. and I LOVE YOU.

  2. Well said dear friend! So many other people need to embrace this way of thinking! Praying for him and for you friend, Bri!


  3. @MJ thanks mom
    @Molly that makes me feel good

  4. He will be in my prayers, Bri. I love this post! Beautiful and very wise words!

    Michelle V

  5. Very thoughtful post. Whatever is, will be...

    Doesn't mean you can't think the best. :-)

  6. @Michelle and Phil...I appreciate the kind words. I almost didn;t post it because I think some will take offense but I did anyway.