Monday, June 20, 2011

A New Prospect: New York law meet southern society

About A New Prospect

Sam Jenkins never thought about being a fish out of water during the twenty years he spent solving crimes in New York. But things change, and after retiring to Tennessee, he gets that feeling. Jenkins becomes a cop again and is thrown headlong into a murder investigation and a steaming kettle of fish, down-home style.
The victim, Cecil Lovejoy, couldn’t have deserved it more. His death was the inexorable result of years misspent and appears to be no great loss to anyone, except the prime suspect is Sam’s personal friend.
Jenkins’ abilities are attacked when Lovejoy’s influential widow urges politicians to reassign the case to state investigators.
Feeling like “a pork chop at a bar mitzvah” in his new workplace, Sam suspects something isn’t kosher when the family tries incessantly to force him out of the picture.
In true Jenkins style, Sam turns common police practice on its ear to insure an innocent man doesn’t falls prey to an imperfect system and the guilty party receives appropriate justice.
A NEW PROSPECT takes the reader through a New South resolutely clinging to its past and traditional way of keeping family business strictly within the family.
Latest News!  A New Prospect was named best mystery of the year at the 2011 Next Generation Independent Publisher’s Book Awards!  The link to the published results is


If you like a laugh out loud, feel good, murder mystery then this book is for you. Characters are always my weakness and delight. Sam Jenkins is a blend of Yankee charm with a sprinkling of cowboy honor laced with those old detective novels. The story moved well and at times I was stunned at the humor. Being a native of Tennessee I was impressed with the description and language Mr. Zurl used. However, at times the twang was overused. All in all a great read.

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