Thursday, June 16, 2011

Testify Thursday: Yeah I'm Published... What about it?

When authors I meet on the street or on social media find out I'm published. Then find out I'm with two publishers one of two things happens.
  • They get this glazed look on their face and look at me like I'm the embodiement of everything they want to achieve. 
  • Or they snicker say, "Two publishers... well when I'm published I'll only be with one publisher. I'm very loyal like."

 Addressing "The Glaze"

  • I think the best way to explain this is to tell you about a typical day for me. 
  1. Bed time is at midnight most nights, because reading is requiring for this job either for reviews or to learn.
  2. Up 5:30 AM for walking because I have to not be fat and this is the time I get to talk to my two best friends.
  3. Kids up, 
  4. Breakfast,
  5. Facebook, Email, Twitter, blog
  6. Vaccum, Bathrooms,Laundry, Making Beds, Dishes,
  7. Facebook, Email, Twitter, blog
  8. Bills, Phone Calls, Mother Chauffer,
  9. Facebook, Email, Twitter, blog
  10. Lunch, 
  11. Facebook, Email, Twitter, blog
  12. Dishes, Counters, Sweeping, Mopping,
  13. Writing
  14. Nap
  15. Dinner
  16. Facebook, Email, Twitter, blog
  17. Baths, Bedtime, Prayer, Scripture Study
How's that glaze now? When I got published the only thing that happened was I had new motivation to write and build my platform. Well and I get paid to do it. Why do I do it you ask? Cause I freaking love it!

Addressing "The Snicker"

  • SHUT UP! 
Seriously. Don't pass judgment on someone when you have never been in that position. Astraea Press publishes books that are described as "sweets". They don't want my work where I stab, kill and bludgeon people to death. Yeah I'm diabolical like that. But Stone House Ink loves that stuff. That the reason I have two publishers. And just because I'm feeling frisky I'm self published too. Booya Hater how you like them apples! 
How about it authors have you ever had this problem? 


  1. i'm feeling like a nap just reading your daily schedule, but it looks familiar - add a bit of work and a bit of radio to it and from memory 2 less kids :-) ...
    i used to get the "look" when i told people i self-published my first book. the "obviously-not-a-good-enough-story-for-publisher-look", but i got over it, cos i know i've done very well with it. now people show more support cos they figured i'm serious about it esp as my 2 book was picked up by a publisher, the radio impresses a lot of people and on top of it - i do it in English which is not my native tongue. lots of jelousy out there, but alsolack of knowledge what's going on in the world of publishing.

  2. Thanks Iris. You totally get it. I was in venting mood today.

  3. Mostly I just get people saying"yeah thats nice"like they talked to a four year old that had drawn a picture of a butterfly thats really just a green blob.