Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Writer Wednesday: The Betas Part Two

Remember last week when i talked about how I was working with a critique partner or beta reader? You don't! Well go back here and then come back.

Status Now
  • Since last Tuesday I have sent Mafia Seduzione my romantic thriller to my beta. I sent him a couple chapter and a blurb and finalized the cover art. At this point I am still waiting to hear back from him. 
  • Since last Tuesday I sent my first chapter of Forever Witch my paranormal romance to my beta. She sent that back. I sent her the additional 8,000 words I wrote. She's gone over that and now it's waiting for me to go over it.
Thoughts on betas so far

I'm still sold that is a very positive thing. My great expectation is that it will make it much easier on the editors for my publishing houses I have come to care and appreciate at Stone House and Astraea.
Audrey(Astraea) and Chris (Stone House) I have worked with before and have not only a tremendous amount of admiration and respect for but desire greatly to make their burdens lighter. They do so much and like people that do a lot behind they scenes don't get much recognition.

Thoughts on two novels at once

I'm still very happy with that. My motor is rearing with Forever Witch right now. And that has worked out for the best since my Mafia beta hasn't got back to me yet. It's like I'm going with the flow. Usually being the control freak I am I would be freaked which would have stinted any flow at all. This way I'm much more productive.

So what's your thoughts? Your techniques?


  1. My betas are very close to me so the experience can be good and bad. The closer I am to the person, the more rigourous the advice. So on certain projects they remain minimally involved.

    As for writing 2 at a time. I've done it in the past, but this simmer it is one at a time.

  2. That's fairly solid. It's always great to have a sounding board and someone to act as a filter so only the finest material passes through. Still think you're a little crazy for writing 2 at once...but it sounds like it's working out nicely.