Monday, June 13, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday: Forever Witch

Welcome...Welcome Six Sentence Sunday readers. I don't know about ya'll but I certainly missed this event last week. Now on with this weeks six. Today I am sharing six from my current work in progress, Forever Witch. The sequel to my novella Familial Witch. In this scene Lucien Lemoine encounters a mermaid for the first time.

“I’m a mermaid. You must know your legends now immortal.” She winked. Lucien did know his legends. One of which was that women who spent their lives seducing men for pleasure and gain when they died were sentenced to a millennium as a mermaid…a being that was half woman half fish…one that no man could ever satisfy. 

 If you want to get to know more about Lucien check him out in the Familial Witch below. Don't forget to go back to Six Sentence Sunday and check out the other authors.


Lucien Lemione, the clan leader of the feared and revered Eternals, is faced with the ultimate betrayal. His second in command for two centuries has not only created the most grievous of offenses but also commissioned the creation of liquid silver. When poisoned by this toxin, an immortal suffers a fate much worse than death, frozen in an internal prison. After being wounded when found spying, he hides deep within the eerie woods that encircle the Triad Mountains. Desperate and in pain, he prays to an offended mother goddess for help. Her answer: a woman, but not just any woman. A witch.
After losing her entire coven at the hands of the Eternals, Aisleen is the last of her kind. She retreats from the world to Trinity Forest where she is giving the opportunity of a lifetime, or perhaps a test of principles. It’s there she discovers the man she heals is the Eternal that wiped out her people. Although she is bound as a healer, she could be creative in her revenge. Aisleen knows who and what Lucien is…but does not speak of it. There can be no future with Lucien for she can only be with a mortal man. Even if she wanted to be with him, can she forgive the man that caused the genocide of her people?
Lucien must act quickly for the survival of his clan is at stake. However, Aisleen’s ethereal beauty and emerald eyes keep pushing those thoughts far from his mind. Determined to find out what secret she hides, he prolongs his time with her. When his people need him most what will he choose…duty, desire, or will he make his own fate?
You can choose love but you can’t choose destiny.


  1. Oh, dear. I guess that means some of us gals had better straighten up and behave right, else we'll get an eternity in fins. :) (Also, the link from the Six Sunday site includes an extra E in CLARKE, so that's why you aren't getting the hits you ought to be. Maybe Sara can help you fix the link?)

  2. oh my...seductresses don't die...they grow fins...that explains all the gone fishin' signs I see every Sunday.

  3. I love it! I'm already fascinated and ready for more. :)

  4. This sounds fab - love that cover too!

  5. WEll, that little piece of news just ruined my day.

  6. I'm sorry to ruin anyone's day. It's fiction so no fear. Kay gone fishing too funny.

  7. lol, well I have no fear of being turned into a mermaid, then! Great snippet!