Tuesday, July 19, 2011

And so we say goodbye....

In the hours I spend preparing to bid farewell to my beloved south this is what has happened.

The original plans for my mother taking me to the airport have changed and she is unable to drive do to a reaction to something. My grandfather who doesn't have complete lung function is hopping mad he can't go because the humidity and heat would be too hard on him. In a dream he had he thought he was fishing and mistaken his fishing line for his oxygen tube the night before. So granny made a trip to town in order to replace it. She was not happy. And all that was in the the first couple hours this morning.

As of 9 AM a cousin will be coming to stay with PawPaw granny will take us halfway to the airport and a friend who I consider more of a sister, Evie, will spend a few hours with the girls and I. Then she will bring us to the airport. Now lets see what else happens before I go...Perhaps morning flights do have their perks.

To all those people I didn't get to see know you were in my thoughts and I really wanted to see you. I apologize. Maybe next trip.


  1. Murphys law says "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong"

  2. Murphy is definitely a good friend for every writer.

  3. Ok so we suffered a delay twice! Then the next day I had to move and took a spill on some concrete.