Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Belle's Roots...A love story from a few generations before Part Two

Wilma looked through the closet of her best friend Betsy. She didn't have many clothes but that was OK cause she borrowed what she needed from her sister Rita or Betsy. There were enough between them and coming from a family with nine children sharing was a lesson learned early.

"Toots," Betsy called. Toots was a nickname Wilma got when a small child. Only no one knew why or who started it. "You go ahead and get anything you want. In fact wear this blue sleeveless top with these white knee pants. It will bring out your eyes and when that fool Jimmy sees you he'll be rethinking spending his precious leave time with Bob instead of you." She said shoving the outfit in Wilma's hands.

After their morning chores and breakfast they walked to town. That was the great thing about Erin the railroad ran right through it and there were no strangers in the small town. Betsy swung her hands to and fro along the folds of her high back sun dress. Wilma listened to her as she talked on and on about the latest boy in town.

A long high whistle sounded interrupting Betsy's tirade. She turned, her shoulder length blond hair flipping around and arched a brow as she planted a hand on her slim hip.Wilma followed Betsy's glare having it fall on a handsome boy with dark hair and dark eyes. He walked toward them a half smile on his face leaving behind a Chevy with the hood raised.

"Betsy Darling you are looking mighty pretty today in that dress." He said winking and calling her by her first and middle name. Betsy smiled back. "Whose this other pretty lady with you?" He continued his flirtation nodding his head toward Wilma.

"This is my friend Wilma but everyone calls her Toots." He nodded toward Wilma and she smiled crossing her arms suddenly furious that James wasn't who she was with. If things had gone as she thought they were she should have been in his arms with a ring on her left ring finger.

"I'm Danny Allen. Why don't you two come sit on the porch and have a couple cokes." Wilma and Betsy shared a look then walked quickly to his porch. Cokes were a sweet and rare luxury for the two girls.

They hadn't been there long when Bob walked up toward the porch and he didn't look happy. Wilma squared her shoulders and put what she hope was a blank look on her face.

"Toots I've been looking everywhere for you. Jimmy is up at the house...been waiting all morning too." Bob pointed toward his home by the railroad tracks.

"Well if he was so eager to see me why didn't he take the opportunity to do it yesterday." Wilma replied before taking a long sip of her Coke. Danny and Betsy looked on wide eyed but quiet. Bob had a temper and Betsy was his sister and knew to steer clear. Color drained from Bob's face as he clenched and unclenched his fists.

"Now you get your hind end up there now you hear!" He yelled pointing again down the tracks.

"If Jimmy wants to see me let him know that I will be sitting right here." Wilma replied sitting her now empty glass bottle on the wooden porch beside her before meeting Bob's steely glare. Huffing he turned on his heel and headed in the direction he had pointed so many times before. Shortly her sister Rita followed attempting the same thing Bob had, still unsuccessful.

However, before Rita left she shared a death blow to Wilma. Jimmy was up there waiting to propose. He had showed the rings the night before to Bob. Betsy sat down beside her in the swing while Danny politely went to fetch more Cokes.

"Are you sure you don't want to go up there now Toots?" Betsy suggest leaning toward and lightly touching her hands fisted in her lap. Wilma took a deep breath and picture her backbone straight and solid.

"If those rings were meant for me then I should have seen then before Bob." She insisted. Then heard the familiar growl of a Ford driving too fast in the direction of the base. Wilma sighed then started on her second Coke.

Now I just want to point  out that there is a lot of creative license in this post. It's like hearing a family story then adding your own romantic imaginations to it. A about I call a spade a spade...a tremendous amount. LOL If you missed part one it's here.


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