Wednesday, July 13, 2011

It's A Day of Reckoning...A Day of Release...Glazier's Release

Those of you who know me on social media, or have read the blog at all know I'm a sassy southern belle. Well today I'm going a step farther and being brassy. What has spurred this sudden post more toward my blunt cocky side and less of my sweet sass? Perhaps its the fact I'm on a trip to my beloved south...or could it possibly be that I just released Glazier!

Oh yeah that's right after three years of work my novel Glazier released today. And I couldn't be happier...prouder and just plain arrogant. Now I couldn't have possibly got here without good friends, mentors, friends, and family that supported and critiqued me with honesty and tact. They know who they are and are in the acknowledgement of every book that is published in ebook or print. But I wanted to take a second and acknowledge those haters that dogged me every step of the way with two words.

"piss off!"

And that's all they will be getting from me cause now I will savor the spoils of Glazier's release before I get buried in promo and the other two novels I'm releasing this year. Continue on for an obscene unashamed amount of marketing about Glazier...

Glazier Blurb

Marie Kincaid is devastated after losing her family in a violent crash…so she runs. One morning, she awakes in an infirmary with total memory loss and a new power: Glazier. The cold frozen mists of Glazier’s instincts enable Marie to embark on a new life free of pain but most importantly free of the past. Heightened senses, accelerated strength,speed, and learning abilities make Marie a perfect candidate to be a spy…also a perfect companion for Henry Tenison, the only other known Glazier. 
Henry, a loner and proud rogue finds his world upended when his connection to Marie is forged. Unsure of how to progress, he endeavors to keep it strictly professional. As far away missions and romantic surroundings entice him into pursuing his deeper desires, he caves. However, Marie’s love changes everything.

Determined to free them both of the spy world and the hold Glazier has over their lives, Henry implements a plot to disappear. However, when things become dangerous in their latest mission and memories of Marie’s past surface suggesting another man…will Henry’s efforts come too late? If Marie remembers her past, will she still want their future?


  1. Bri - you deserve the success that i'm sure will come with the release of the book. YOU ROCK !!!