Friday, July 8, 2011

A Belle's Roots...Rudolph

As promised an adolescent addiction and a nickname revealed.

I come from a town called McEwen TN. A town so small there is literally one hwy going through it and there is only one school...K-12. Anyway back in the 80's when I was like 4 I went into the locally owned Dairy Queen where the now deceased Mr. James made the most amazing little cheeseburgers. Anyway it was a week before Christmas and a couple of hunters had a truck with a deer sprawled across the hood. I saw it and came in sobbing they had killed Rudolph. Ever since I've been known by the owners as Rudolph.

So that's my confession...anyone else have any childhood nicknames or stories?


  1. I cant believe that my Mother hasnt plastered my childhood nick name all over the internet!

  2. At school, I was called "Chris" by teachers, but they being elders, I never corrected them. At home, I was called "Dolly." One day, I was just so tired of literally NEVER hearing my name that I said to my dad, "My name is Christine!" He never called me that again, and after a few weeks, I realized that made me sad. :(

    Rob calls me Chrissy. Go figure.

  3. I am too Eve! LOL

    Christine thats hilarious...Dolly. I love Robin he's a hoot.

  4. That's so sad. I've been gifted with a very rhyme-worthy name as you can imagine including Phil the pill as my niece started.