Thursday, July 7, 2011

Writer Wednesday: A Belle’s Roots

While this isn’t really a “writer post” per say it does refer to my platform as an author. I’m visiting in my home state of TN and it’s been over two years since I moved from here. While I’ve moved 46 times in my 29 years there has been one constant…a tiny two-bedroom house at the end of a dirt lane off Old Black Top Rd. Granny and Paw Paws….

No matter where I lived or how chaotic my life became from infancy, adolescence to adulthood my grandparents house is and has been a constant place of stability. Although there have been a couple remodels over the years the feel is much the same. I learned to swish a ball on a rusty backboardless hoop. The inspiration for the Peony flower living birthmark on Aisleen in Familial Witch came from this little place. Every May since I’ve been born three bushes at the front left of the house grow from strong roots and produce the most beautiful white and pink Peonies. The fragrance is something that I always associate with home. In addition, every fall my grandfather mows the bushes all the way down in his lifelong battle to rid the yard of these flower bushes that have a talent for thriving. 

It's from similar roots that create the stock that I'm made of... A grandmother with a lineage going back to presidents and a grandfather with a soldier in most generations. But really its the simplicity of country living, hard work and love that nurtured this Belle.

Stay tuned for the next installment where I reveal a childhood addiction and nickname.


  1. Bri, that's a really nice post. Thanks for making me smile.

  2. Thank you for leaving that comment it made me smile.

  3. Give them my love Bri and tell them that i miss them.

  4. Love the post, Bri !!!! Thanks for sharing.