Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Writer Wednesday: Google + Lets hang out. I'll bring the Sass.

So I've been hanging around Google+ a little. Let me tell ya...I love it. I'm still learning and can't do everything yet. But what I have learned I got from Novel Publicity. In fact since I totally jacked this idea from Emlyn Chand Novel's creator. I am going to share the link to check out Google+ basics etc.

Google+ a comparison to other networks

Google+ an introduction

Google+ Let's Hangout

And now for the blatant copy cat I have pulled. Google+ has this amazing feature where you up to 10 people can literally hangout. It's similar to a Skype Chat room experience. Emlyn has what she call's Office Hours every Wednesday from 12-3 where she will talk writing, marketing, blog tour, blogs, book trailers, etc in her hang out. You can catch her here.

So I shall do the same thing only it's going to be on Thursday from 11-1 MST. I'll call it Let's Sassafras where I'll talk writing, editing, marketing, finding time to write, publishing etc.

If you aren't in Google+ yet. Leave your email in the comments and I'll send you an invite. Hope to see you guys tomorrow for my first Hangout. Click here to participate.

Note: Em's office hours are closed this week. But will start back next week as usual.