Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Writer Wednesday:Lesson Learned Check Those Attachments.

In July I had a lot going on! I was in Tennessee visiting family and taking care of responsibilities that require my attention there every summer. It truly wasn't like I was lounging or vacationing in the least. I had my two high maintenance daughters the diva and the victim with me. To top it all off my Internet ability was like when the cell phones first came out and people walked around holding out there phone. Like I said not a vacation.

However, within the mist of that trip I released Glazier in eBook form. I was beyond ecstatic. There were a couple of reviewers I have relationships with who I immediately sent a pdf to. For a split second I stopped and thought did I send the right copy? Then frankly forgot about it.

Fast forward three weeks later. After the return home and the sudden move where I had a pack unpack 48 hour turn around. I get my first review. She mentions errors. Ding Ding Ding. Yep you bet ya. I sent the wrong copy. And now my second review where I sent the wrong copy. Apologies ladies. I'll be sure to check those attachments from now on.

Here's the latest review for Glazier from Paranormal Opinion

"This book has a lot of writing errors, but the story is incredible. It's wonderfully unique and intriguing. It's a paranormal story – but it's not your usual vampires or shape-shifters. There is plenty of sexual tension, even though the relationship doesn't get very heated."

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