Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I'm Enough: The Battle of Desire and Guilt

I'm many things. Some good, some bad, all sassy. One of my greatest faults is I don't know how go half way or to do a decent enough job. When it comes to friends, family, & commitments I'm loyal to a fault.

However, in my age (I'll be 30 this year) and experience (I've lived 60 years worth of life) I'm learning that "it's enough for now and it is well." to be distinctly different than a half way job or just enough.

Everyday, every week is different. For most of this week I've been doing domestic things and that is well. My kids need to eat, my husband needs a clean house, & I'm taking the time to be frugal.

I'm still working everyday. That the beauty of home office and Internet. Although I always have a desire to do more I find it's that desire that drives my success. Nevertheless, I'm even more determined to be happy with myself and my efforts. Guilt is useless in this instance and I won't let it hold me back.

What's your greatest desire or what do you find yourself feeling guilty about most often?


  1. It is best to be satisfied with what is and desire to produce what will be. . .

  2. Oh-ho. Guilt eats me alive. My greatest desire at this point in my life is to finish my novel. My greatest guilt is that my desire takes time away from my kids and all my domestic duties. Being a mother is a great responsibility and it's sometimes tough to juggle that with my uncontrollable creative urges ;) But it's all about balance. It isn't easy but it is doable. Great post!

  3. I can definitely get behind that logic Bri. I'll be 30 this year as well and find myself wishing that I'd done certain things years ago. It will always be there and it's always hard to let those things go. I want to get back into photography and cinematography but I never have time. It's difficult but I'm determined to find a shoehorn and get back into that more 'active' life.