Monday, October 3, 2011

I'm sorry there is no Santa Claus

Today as I rubbed primer on my face and filled in the potholes with concealer my mind wasn't thinking of my todo list but what I would do at the end of the day.

For Family Home Evening ( a weekly family meeting where we spend time together) we are going to discuss Christmas.

Why in October? I'm a planner. But it's more than that. As much as I'd like to say it's purely the spiritual aspect that motivates me. Its not. It's the frugality. But it's the spiritual that will make me follow through.

Starting this year Christmas will be less about gifts and more about service, Christ and family.

Each member will only receive 3 gifts. As Jesus Christ did. One gift will be spiritually related, one to magnify a talent, and the last with no restrictions.

In order to achieve this I feel the need to explain that Santa Claus is not who I've led them to believe he is. He's more of the spirit of giving that got put of hand.

My hope is that once done a new loving spiritual tradition will emerge. But I'm deadset on at least trying even if my hopes are an epic fail.

What about you? What's your thoughts on Christmas, holidays and gifts?


  1. I admire the idea, and I am a big planner too. I've been planning Christmas since June. No joke.

    We do perpetuate the myth of Santa. My kids are little, and they have so little time to be kids and believe in magical things.

    That said, we try to make the season more about Christ than anything else. Christ and family. And giving.

    We don't spoil our kids. We keep things simple. But I love that my kids believe in magical things. (Incidentally my boys believe in fairies and goblins and elves and all manner of things.)

    So, yeah, no concrete way to sum this comment up. Sorry about that. :)

  2. That is a really fantastic idea! I wish I was a planner--but I will be out on December 23rd in a mad panic to finish I'm sure.

  3. @Liz I think that's great. You obviously know what's perfect for your family.

    @Julie my husband is like that and I used to now always be a planner. I've learned that because I'm a planner I'm also a control freak. So it's kind of a catch 22

  4. Hey, Bri. Sorry I'm late to the party - I have some 400 posts to read in my RSS (which is sadly only four days behind).

    I had a friend who told me when my kids were young that she promised herself she'd never lie to her kids. So she didn't perpetuate the Santa myth. I did the same. I never had to sit down and tell them it was a lie, we just never pushed the idea. No mall pics, no cookies for Santa - okay, so we did that, without saying who they were for. Ha ha!

    One thing I've wanted to do the last few years is to give to Heifer International for our family Christmas present. I don't know how it would go over though - but maybe if I did your 3 idea, than we give a goat to a family in Africa, it will all even out financially. Thanks for thinking ahead.

  5. Hi Bri. My family does a "Secret Santa" every year. I have a very large family - aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, etc. all together on the holidays. Buying a gift for everyone is just too expensive. So everyone in the family buys one gift. Then on Christmas eve, we put them all together under the tree and take turns picking one at random to keep. Sometimes we us this to play pranks on each other. It's a lot of fun and has taught me that laughter and good memories are what the holidays should be about - not about spending tons of money and getting the most gifts.

    Also my mom, sister, and I have this Christmas tradition - You know those trees in the grocery store that have names of children who are less fortunate? We each pick a name and buy two presents for them - something they need and something they want. That is always my favorite part of Christmas.

  6. Bri, I just saw this on Pinterest. I think you'll like it:

  7. JD & Christine I love those ideas! I'm so excited. Thanks for the link Christine I'll check it put.