Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Living Life's Country Song

So I've cracked the joke lately that my life became a country song. You know the cliche... Your car breaks down, spouse cheats/leaves, dog dies, BFF sleeps with your sister, your trailers repoed and you don't realized it until your flying in it in a wrecker down the interstate.

You get it.

Well it's not that bad. Truly. But my van I bought in March's engine seized and I have no funds to purchase a new car or fix it. And my husband was in a car wreck in Feb and is in a law suit and turns out slipped 5 disks from said wreck. Not to mention he's in construction and we are hitting the slow time.

But that's not what this post is about. It's about what I do have. Health, love, shelter, food, food storage, the bills are currently current (my editor will love that.) and a host of amazing friends. Online, close by, and faraway. They support me with honest guidance, kind words, well couched and placed reminders of my blessings. Not to mention two are willing to share the use of some spare wheels.

So let's talley

Trials: 3

I'll remember that when it's hard and smile.

So dear reader how's your trials vs. blessings lately?

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  1. Great perspective Bri. I'd say I'm running on a 1:1 ratio for things overall. Sure there are trials and tribulations but it's not like you can do anything about it other than take it in-stride anyhow.