Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Why must you provoke me?

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  Really? You really wanted to mess with my child?

Have you not heard of me at all? Not heard of the jail time served? The brass knuckles or the butterfly knife?

These are the thoughts that run through my head when anyone messes with my child. And let me tell you there is no prejudice based upon age, sex, religion, creed or color. The mom instinct crazies all equally in defense of her young. I'm like a lioness at the gate.

Most recently my easy going, laid back, does not have any enemies son (14) has had friends texting him and trying to get him in trouble because they know I read his text.


"Hey  Evan it's gabby I'm using dillon's phone. Can we meet up again soon behind that shed. ;)"

Mom's Response

"Hey Dillon, this is Evan's mom could you be a doll and give this message to gabby. I'm Evan's mom and gabby I'm going to be looking for ya today."

Shortly after I got a text back, on son's phone fully confessing it was a joke and that Evan had never done that. Then later Evan said the Dillon boy was afraid....very afraid.

I believe this because. A. My son rarely leaves the house. B. Where he goes have no flipping sheds. C. He doesn't brush his teeth enough to encourage kissing much less anything else.

Now this is the 3rd incident with them trying to get him in trouble and I gave my son the option of handling it himself. However, it hasn't stopped so I stepped in. He was appreciative and not upset. I told them I'm a 4 minute walk to their school and they should in all fairness warn their friends. I am not afraid to cause a scene in the lunch room and their little friends will be the ones to walk away humiliated.

My sons know this and share it proudly.

As a parent I want to help my children all I can. I realize they will be bullied and they need to learn to fight their own battles. However, they learned two things from this incident.

1. Mom is always there.
2.Direct assault is not the only tactic out there. (although it is mom's preference)

So what have you guys done for your kids?

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  1. that's awesome! I can see myself employing very similar tactics for when my kids are older. I completely understand the overprotective mom gene.