Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Silent Service

If you have followed the blog then you know I've recently had a car die. A car I bought in March with all my savings. I did talk to the dealer whose response was "You buy as is." In his think foreign accent.

However, I will not dog him online or reveal his dealer name. Because, his employees were deeply embarrassed that he treated me so and most apologetic. Guess what? They have families and need those jobs.

I know the power of word of mouth.

But my cause has not been ignored. Many have offered prayers, love and kind words. Through a pooling of our personal resources we are slowly getting funds together for another car.

However, two families that are friends of ours have graciously offered the temporary use of their extra cars. It is my belief that amazing blessings come through selfless service. However, if they are made public then sometimes the acknowledgement becomes the blessing. Because I am so deeply touched but truly want the most for them I'll not say their names.

But will say here can't imagine the way in which you've eased my burdens.

Thank you.

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