Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Lepoard Print, The Trojan and Service

Yesterday my laptop, the cornerstone to my consulting firm where I am publicist to several clients got a Trojan. At the time I didn't know what had happened but essentially it was all so sudden I almost had a nervous breakdown. I was uploading an eBook for a client and then all hell broke loose. All my windows shut down and this alarm sounded then it was trying to prompt me to download something and a scan started on my computer I had not prompted. Then when I shut the laptop, because I had enough sense not to accept or download anything, the sound of a pig squealing sounded scaring the day lights out of me and a box popped up saying some one was hacking my computer enable this. When in reality as soon as I disconnected from the Internet their efforts were all but cut off. 

After several deep breaths I called my computer guy. You know that friend you have that knows about computers that you call when you feel like vomiting your stomachs in so many knots at 7PM on a holiday week. Yeah I got one of those. The main reason being he is my best friends husband. Before he has come to our aide. However, this is where he differs from others I have known. His charity is amazing. When we were really down and out he let me pay him in brownies...plain brownies. No embellishments like nuts or marshmallow but simply requests plain brownies. After leaving my laptop with him one night I now have my computer back, my husband downloaded even more intense protection, and when I ask how much I can pay him he doesn't respond. Because his wife forbid me from bringing brownies, they are trying to lose weight, I'm kind of stuck.

Which brings me to the leopard print in the title. While out with the visiting granny my daughters had a Claire's gift card to cash in, plus the granny that lives far away and was with us is always a gold mine. While at Claire's I found a leopard print phone cover for the wife of computer guy, aka bff. She's been wanting one, I bought the wrong size for her birthday....simple right? I bought it for her.

When arriving to pick up the fixed laptop I showed it to her and she literally squealed with delight. That in itself was a payment I never expected she's of the most refined lady's with genteel and polite behavior and she was on her best because she was meeting my granny for the first time. Which brings me full circle. I know her husband is thrilled she's thrilled I made her happy and to him that's payment enough. But I love her and would have done it fix or not. I also know he believes in the blessings of heaven coming to those who serve quietly. So I have purposely left out their names.

So how do I show my appreciation to the literal knight who saved me from the Trojan menace?

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  1. That would be scary. I can't even imagine! I love the leopard print though.