Wednesday, November 9, 2011

School Book Fairs Are My Kryptonite

I tried! I really did but the whole PTA, crafts, and fundraisers thing make me react like a heroine addict day two of detox.

Paranoia, shakes, darting eyes, get it.

I'm not one of those cookie cutter moms. But that's ok. When I saw books I knew I'd last at least 30 minutes.

It was more like 20. But we gave money to the school. The girls got great books and I was a great mom for at least 15 minutes.

Monthly quota filled!

And the little vampire and I are starting Bunnicula. A vampire rabbit!

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  1. What an awesome book!!! you two will love it. Have fun and cheers to being apart of your daughter's education experience. Too many children don't have that