Friday, December 9, 2011

Dear Glamour Magazine...Is that it?

Dear Glamour Magazine,

First I want to introduce myself. I'm Bri Clark the Belle of Boise. That is what my whole online presence/author platform is based around. I'm a successful romance author and I am the CEO and owner of Belle Consulting. As a literary strategist and consultant I advise authors on how to present themselves and build a platform or a plan to sell themselves and their product.

In addition to that I am a woman, mother, wife, sister. Active in the community and church I'm very popular and well liked. However, I am 5'10, very busty and a size 12/14. I'm distinctly southern in mannerism and accent.In fact I'm a smidge cocky.

In 2004 with the birth of my second daughter I canceled your magazine as well as several others. In addition I disconnected all cable and satellite TV. I control what is brought in my home before my children. I have done everything in my power to cultivate daughters that are 10 and 7 who have amazing self esteem and correct body image expectations.

Guess what. I did it. I did a damn good job.

While I loved your articles I couldn't get past the airbrushed, immodest and Photo shopped photos. As a woman I am more than capable of creating enough guilt by myself. It's a talent that comes along with the double X chromosome.

As a writer I don't even want to submit an article to your magazine or any other for that matter that has the same standards. If I won't let my kids see your articles why would I share it with my peers?

I do want to say good job. Lizzie Miller is a beautiful woman. And you did a great job really capturing a healthy realistic image of her.

Nonetheless, you can do better.

You posted one picture of a woman on your website. Now, you are getting all the PR. You've been on the Today show and over 700 people have commented. But really what is that?

I'm still not going to buy your magazine. Nor will I support it.

But I'll tell you what. Give Lizzie a full page spread and the cover and another model of similar proportions as well in the following month. I'll pay for a one year issue and I'll support you for that year as well.



  1. Woohoo. Great post and about time someone in the magazine business got with the real world

  2. Hey there Bri, glad to finally get to know you!

    I liked you post. Please let us know what kind of reponse you receive. I'd really like to know.

    I'll be back for another visit soon! :)

  3. Keep us posted on their response. As a mother of an 11 year old daughter, I am more than curious! :)


  4. Everything you said is very true. Funny thing, I just recently stopped subscribing to Glamour because I was tired of the same bad-for-women bull about "How to catch a man" and "Be a Rockstar in the Bedroom." That makes it seem like our only role is how we relate to men, and as if that's the only topic we want to talk about. So not true. I am now looking for a women's magazine that includes fashion, style, beauty, health, fitness, and self improvement. Any suggestions?

  5. Well said, as a mother I'm completely with you.

  6. The world of media and advertising truly is the Master of the Grand Illusion. But as Dennis DeYoung (of the band Styx) said once, "...that's all B***s***."

  7. Ah but that would mean putting more digital re-touch artists out of work.. :-(