Thursday, January 12, 2012

Buttcrack of Dawn

Crap there are even t-shirts. Maybe there is a club too!
 Now some of you may not know what the buttcrack of dawn is. It's that time just before dawn when it's still really dark and then you are in full view of the sun. I know...I know it's a bad metaphor since a full butt is a moon. But I'm southern do we ever make sense.

Anyways, I digress why am I up at this dark hour?

I'm working.

My friend who quotes his poppa oh so much, Vincent Zandri, did a post recently about how Hemmingway, (that's poppa) would wake everyday at dawn and work. He'd make sure to always stop at a point in his MS so he would have a starting point the next day. But if you want to read more about Hemmingway and his advice click Vince's name.

I'm not up writing...well since I'm writing this post I guess I am. The point is I'm up before dawn because in the West the sun doesn't rise early enough for me to begin my day. And the reverse of that is in the summer it won't become dark until like 11:00 pm. Boy does my schedule get off in the summer.

The point is I'm an entrepreneur as an author and as a literary strategist. In the first five years of any start up you are going work your butt crack off if you are successful. Even then you might not succeed. It really depends on what your definition of success is. Initially I've had amazing success in both just in my first year. When I look back I'm going to be able to say that I gave it my all. Including making time for my family and friends. Because in that potential fail/win situation they were there before and they will be in the end.

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