Thursday, January 5, 2012

Let the light in

I have to say that I have recently noticed a big difference in my productivity.
Unsure of how that actually came to pass. I've been thinking about it. And the main difference I can find is that I have switched from a very dark office to one with so much light I look like a shadow person on Skype.

It's a proven fact that sunlight produces a vitamin that gives you more energy and that entail produces a chemical in your mind that puts you in a better mood. I have no idea what the vitamin or chemical is called and frankly don't care.

I've tested works.I've also read that's why people are more depressed in winter...less sunlight.

Anyhow...I'm thrilled with this new development. What about you have any tricks on productivity or thoughts on sunlight?


  1. I think you must be right about the light - I don't think I'd be able to write in a dark space. The thing that works best for me is to sit quietly (call it meditation if you like) for 15 minutes, allowing the picture of the scene I'm going to write to come into my mind. That helps me get going SO well. If I start to run out of steam, doing it again will help.

  2. I agree Bri. My chickens started laying more eggs the day the light became longer in our daylight. Like they knew, and they're pretty dumb.

    But yes, after living a year in Oregon while going to college, I couldn't handle the dark rainy days. Came back to California as soon as I could.

    So happy for your productivity.

  3. I agree--one winter I used a light box to help with my sun deficit!

  4. Dear Bri Clark thank you so much for sharing your experience about Light , so true as we know it reflects knowledge also , though sunlight is most important , but we can not see anything without light . If light is on only then our all appliaces work otherwise it cannot . It cheers us everybody like it . God bless you my so nice friends . Have sweet loving times

  5. Let the sun shine in. . .as they say.


  6. @Melissa, I love meditation. It's amazing what it can do for you. Wow thanks for the tip. I'll try that when writing.

    @Sharon...chickens are dumb. LOL I can't imagine going from Cali to Oregon. It's a wonder you survived.

    @Coleen...oohhh a light box. Good one.

    @Jarnail...Thank you for stopping by and sharing. know it!