Monday, February 13, 2012

The Inverted C and the L desk

So if you follow the blog you know that I opened my own consulting business called Belle Consulting. If you didn't tada! I did. Well it kind of took off at a pace no one really expected...especially the haters.(Booya how you like the apples!)

With that said there are a couple of new developments that have physically happened.
·         My butt is much flatter because I literally spend about 10 hours a day on it at the computer.
·         I actually weigh less than I did in high school now, because I don't eat for 10-12 hours a day. And when I do criteria like it has to be quick, loaded with protein, and not leave any residue on a touch screen, key board, or mouse. So no more Cheetos ;(
·         I actually have a waist. No really! there are these little things on my sides, above my hips, that are like inward curves. It seems this is a side effect of my morning yoga sessions to deal with the stress of success.
·         I'm actually making some money for all this work!
·         And finally sitting at the computer in the incorrect position for so long actually has caused the top of my spine to go into an inverted C.
To elaborate, according to my chiropractor, the top of the spine should look like a C with the top of your head bouncing around fluidly on top. 

Mine is backwards. Which made my spine go into a flipping zig zag.

Can you say painful?!

Well apparently my desk set up was wrong. I had all my papers in front of me and kept leaning forward toward the screen. My doctor suggested I try attaching an L to the side I could turn toward in order to correct the issue.I would then move the computer screen closer and keep my papers etc on the L desk.

Well after 5 thrift shops I gave up and cried to the hubby. (I may be making money but I'm still frugal.) And then said I'm taking your desk.

Well apparently he must have wanted to keep his (really his office furniture was mine for years)because he came home from work one night and started up the saws. He's an amazing carpenter.

So I thought "Hey, he'll rip down two boards throw some screws together and it'll all be good." (We'd just be out time cause we had some spare wood in the garage.)

I should have known. The man is so not capable of simple. And don't get me wrong I love him for it like nothing else. But I hate to take any of his precious relaxing time. He works as hard as I do, goes to school full time, and did I ever mention we have a herd of kids?

So here it is simple L shaped desk.

Oh yes those sides are routed! Yes those are custom columned looking legs. Yes it's was lovingly hand stained with three coats of polly added.

So what chya'll think?


  1. Your husband did a great job on that desk extension.
    Very thorough.
    I would've done the thing with two planks.

  2. Ouch on the back, Bri and that's a lovely piece of cabinet work!

    As a classically trained typist I learned good habits in 1900 and frozen to death. The keyboard always in front of you and work to the side. Apart from a little arthritis in my keyboard thumb it's served me well.

    I hope your spine is more comfortable now and returning to a curvy C.

  3. I think it's lovely, Bri!

    If my hubby tried to do that my desk would be steel welded together, lol. I guess I'll have to cough up mega bucks to buy my dream desk.

  4. Thanks for the comments. I was still feeling my back pain when I posted this. Yes my man is talented and amazing. I'm truly lucky.

    It's because of this I have never said what my dream desk is. He'll insist on building it. LOL

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