Thursday, May 17, 2012

Micheal Releases!!

I'm thrilled to be able to take part in this special one of a kind blog hop. It's for one day only. 24 hours! And even better my two good friends and colleagues Chris White and Aaron Patterson are hosting it in celebration of their newest YA release Micheal.

Description of Michael

Michael did the unthinkable to save Airel from death, but now he must live with the choices he has made--both good and evil. Tortured by his past and haunted by what he believes might be his future, Michael seeks redemption--but will the past prove to be too strong? How can he break free of it and be the man he longs to be for Airel? If only he had never...

Airel. Michael's one true love. He had forced her to drink in new life only to find that old wounds and deep scars do not heal overnight. Can she truly forgive Michael, can she truly love him? And can he accept that forgiveness? Or is it all for nothing, and has he gone too far already? As the darkness of past choices closes in on them, chases them, intercepts them, coming at them from everywhere at once, how can their love possibly survive?

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