Thursday, May 10, 2012

Lesson From Boot Camp: Spots Bra Don'ts

 In harmony with the Monday post by the Caveat Queen about granny panies. I thought I'd share my recent experience at boot camp concerning sports bras.

Now if you are a busty belle like I am the use of two sports bras is a must. Not only are you fighting a battle with gravity but they are like their own set of permanent dumbbells on your shoulders. And frankly you can only do so many shoulder presses. 

Nonetheless, when wearing your two sports bras make sure the tighter one is on the outside. And be especially aware of this if you are dressing at 4:00 AM. Maybe set your clothes out in the order of putting them on. I don't know. All I know is what happens if you don't.

You will spend your hour at boot camp constantly pulling the looser outer bra down. Because ever jiggle slowly moves it up until it's bunch up around your neck like a noose. Then your instructor (who happens to be a guy) looks at you like you're insane because from that angle you look like you are rubbing your chest. 

It's all highly irritating and slightly embarrassing. I advise against it. 

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