Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Belle Approved: We got them good vibrations

Product/Service/Business Name: Mark Romero Music

Product/Service/Business Use: Through his music and proprietary personal & professional development tools, Mark Romero delivers a proven technology that can support anyone in achieving higher levels of success, improved health and increased productivity.
Mark Romero’s unique interactive musical systems will immediately empower listeners to achieve new levels of success by enhancing their mental capabilities and focus while dramatically reducing stress.

How it started: At the end of September I personally met Mark Romero through a mutual friend at the California Women’s Conference. While there he shared how he found through the study of vibrations and energy people can be more grounded, centered, and stress free. These vibrations are delivered through his music. Then our mutual friend explained how her mother, who’d had Alzheimer’s was visibly better when she played Mark’s music.

The Test: Mark proved his theory to me by having me stand with my feet shoulder length apart and my arms out. He then instructed me to try and not let him tip me over. I’m a big girl and he tipped me over like a feather on the breeze.
Then he played his music from his cell phone. Although I couldn’t hear the music the vibrations were what we were after.
I stood feet shoulder length apart and arms out again. Mark then tried to tip me over and I would not budge. It was like trying to untie cement shoes the mob had poured.

After this experience, I went home and immediately bought one of his CD downloads.
 Suenous Infinitos features a fusion of Rock rhythms.
 incredible fusion Latin, Jazz and

Since purchasing and regularly playing his music I can tell a great change in my stress levels and focus while working. And the effect lasts all day. Not to mention I’m just in a better freaking mood.
I’ll admit that while Mark Romero’s music isn’t your typical iTunes pricing it’s definitely not your regular top 40 music either. This is the stuff that joy springs from and frankly $20 was extremely reasonable in this Belle’s opinion.

Definitely, Belle Approved! 

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