Thursday, January 17, 2013

Writers...Tell Us Your Story

Writers’ Success Stories Anthology
Call for Submissions 


I'm so pleased I was contacted and asked to share this call for those that are successful in the writing industry. Chad Carver is a personal friend and a highly respected colleague. He's one of the driving forces behind Kristen Lamb's WANA International community for writers, bloggers, and authors. And I couldn't be happier to share this opportunity with ya'll.

Writers’ Success Stories Anthology

We want to hear real success stories from writers who didn’t give up.

It’s tough to be a writer.  Most people quit.  But some people do not, or cannot, and those people change the world, whether for many people, or simply for themselves.

Whether you’ve published, are still chipping away at your magnum opus, have written the book that freed you from a demon, or have simply scratched the itch that all writers know, we would love to hear your stories of strength, hope and success in a world that is so often painted as hopeless, and foolish - the writer’s world.

Topics can include:
     Success: professional, personal, spiritual, etc.
     Community impact/change
     Anything that might inspire a fellow writer whose spirit is flagging.


Submission Guidelines:
A. Word Count: 500-1500 words (No reprints)

B. Please include a short blurb/bio, no longer that 2-3 sentences, along with links to your website and/or blog.

C. Email all submissions to with Anthology Submission in the subject line.  Attach submission as a Word document AND paste in the body of the e-mail.

D. Rights: Non-exclusive right to publish in print and digital. If selected, you will be contacted and asked to sign an agreement granting permission for essay to be published.

E. Deadline: May 1st, 2013

F. If selected, you will receive $50.00, and two (2) free copies of the anthology.

Direct all queries to Chad Carver or Lena Corazon,

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