Saturday, March 9, 2013

Taking a Step Back after being Gut Punched

Have you ever been punched in the gut? I have. It hurts. Your breath is gone.  Instinctively you lean forward and grab the affected area gasping for your next breath.

When you’ve somewhat recovered you get gut punched again.

Ever felt that?

Metaphorically that’s pretty much describes February 2013 for me.

Sometimes in life when you make big life decisions or when they happen to you sometimes, you do not want to make it a reality. For example, when you move far away you take longer than you normally would unpacking. Or if your grandfather dies and you are in a hurry to get back to your home 2000 miles away so you don’t have to constantly be reminded of it.

If you follow me on Twitter of Facebook then you heard all about the fact February for me was like a social media soap opera. My grandfather died, my family traveled to TN with car problems, we buried my grandfather, I fought with my family, cried with my family, and was reminded that we are all 2 powder kegs shy of a crazy fireworks stand, on the way back from Idaho more car problems. Not to mention, due to their own personal challenges, my biggest client and I decided not to renew our contract.

Lately I find myself absent minded and don’t respond when my husband talks to me, or when I do it’s short and overly hateful. But it’s not just my husband it’s my children too. I don’t want to socialize online or in person. But to add to those issues I’ve been sick for at least 2 weeks with terrible flu like symptoms, sinus infection, then a reaction to my antibiotics.

With all that said I find myself remembering The 4 Agreements. One of those agreements was Always do Your Best.

The number one part of Always doing Your Best is to understand that your best isn’t always the same. External factors, like the death of a loved one, internal factors, like being physically sick, effect the level of what your best is.

Considering all this, I’ve decided to take the month of March off from blogging in addition to pulling back from my other obligations as well. I’m taking this time to focus on grieving, healing, and focusing on my family and my current full time clients.

Until, then I have several amazing guest blogs, from industry leading professionals to keep the embers of interest warm while I’m away.

Thank you so much for your support and understanding while I go through these transitions in my life.

Bri Clark

Social Ghoster Marketing Strategist, Author, Speaker, Social Media/ Platform Consultant


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  1. Just know that your online family loves you and we eagerly await your comeback. I know you'll bounce back from this bigger and better than before. Stay sweet and sassy with that powder keg. Love you!

  2. An excellent point, Bri, "Your best isn't always the same." I'm sorry you're going through such a difficult time. Many prayers.

  3. In the words of a great guy you should know, John Dulworth, life doesn't happen to you, it happens for you. Figuring out how will be something you'll discover during this pull-back time I am sure. Take it easy and keep the faith that resolution is on its way.