Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Use Your Brain...Your WHOLE Brain

Please welcome my uber talented and super patient business coach Ormand Rankin. As he explains the importance of using your WHOLE brain.

Use Your Brain

In many of my workshops I talk about our brains how we as humans may not be using them to the full potential.

Here is a little bit about how our brain and how learning works.

The “left brain” organizes what already exists and thinks linearly. There is a sequential, analytical process toward a specific outcome. 

The “right brain” imagines what can be and thinks in nonlinear interconnections. It has immediate access to insights and novel connections.

Cultivating the use of both sides leads to breakthroughs and the ability to think on your feet under pressure.

In today’s rapidly changing business environment, we are required to be innovative to stay on top. Generating new ideas, visions or solutions is nearly impossible to do if we continue to use our habitual way of thinking. Our thought patterns will travel down the same neural pathways in your our brain the way they always do and come up with the same ideas you typically have.  To think in an innovative way requires new connections with the brain, breaking patters.  Research shows that by activity engaging the brain’s capacity from both hemispheres, you have a larger “playing field” from which to create – there is more cross-fertilization between neural synapses which leads to original ideas and those “A-Ha” moments.

Here is a look at a whole brain dimensions chart


After looking through the dimensions chart, decide what side of the brain you work with most. What are your dominant thinking patterns? Where is there room for skill development for more whole brain thinking?

In meetings or brainstorming sessions, do not be afraid to get out blocks, LEGO’s and Crayons to tap into your creative side.  Also, throw out the lined paper. Lines have a subconscious effect on us which keep the brain locked in its habitual thought patterns. When you remove the lines, the brain is free to think visually instead of just in words and the Crayons will have a stimulating effect on the brain, because the right brain thinks in color.

Have fun with your new innovative way of thinking!

Ormond Rankin

1.    Has been coaching businesses and individuals for over 20 years in industries as diverse as forest products, medical, high tech, the construction trades, engineering, IT and government.   Has been mentoring individuals and CEOs leading & growing organizations from $100K to > $3B.  His passion focuses on helping leaders reach their potential!
2.    As a marketing executive he grew the business > 50%/year for 5 years running resulting in a $1 Billion business entity with greater than 80% market share in it’s field.
                                                 i.            Mentored & managed teams in Spain, Germany, Japan, Singapore, Mexico and the US to achieve sales objectives.
3.    As a manufacturing manager, he set manufacturing efficiency and output records at the largest hardwood production facility in the U.S.
4.    Created from scratch cost accounting, accounts receivable and accounts payable systems for a government and small business entities.
5.    He holds an MBA from the University of Washington and has served on the Board of Directors of the Discovery Center of Idaho and as President of Ballet Idaho Board of Directors.
                                                 i.            Mentored Executive Directors and managers at non-profit organizations to > 50% increase in audience and revenue levels.
6.    Owned and operated 4 small businesses in the IT, Retail, Coaching and Construction Industries.
7.    Is happily married to Kathleen and has 3 children ages 28, 27 and 17.  We enjoy the movies, travel, golf, reading and the outdoors.  Both of us are committed to business with Kathleen managing an insurance agency.

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