Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What is Social Media Marketing Anyway Yo?

Social Media Confusion
  In order to understand the ACT method, defined as attract, convert, and transform  one has to have an understanding of online marketing. Online marketing differs greatly than traditional marketing used over the last few hundred years. With the invention of the internet, the marketing industry has been presented with more challenges and more opportunities at the fastest rate ever in the industry.

Unlike in traditional advertising online marketing is a two-way conversation. Take for example a commercial, in this the company sends a message that is simply viewed and gets the product or service seen. In contrast, a blog post with a review of a product that is shared via social media created multiple outlets for conversations. Such as in, the comments section of the blog or in response on the social media threads.

 Social media marketing is not as fast at getting products, services, and brands in front of people as it's thought to be. Social media marketing campaigns that are successful are those with long terms goals and quarterly reviews that understand they are cultivating relationship. It's not about a one way conversation like traditional marketing. It's a two way conversation. How do you feel when no one listens to you?

Bri Clark
Social Ghoster Marketing Strategist, Author, Speaker, Social Media/ Platform Consultant


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  1. Definitely agreeing with your thoughts about social media marketing. Its not that easy to get your brand out there. Its gonna take some time and whole lot of patience.

    Proper management of your accounts will be key.

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  5. The one thing about social media marketing is that it's easy, and it's easy because it's convenient. A lot of folks have not had a good grasp on that. Think of all the added capital it frees us off; starting with physical costs for things such as tarpaulins and the like. It only really entails the mind and our instincts, though we are going to need the proper tools to optimize input, and get it out to as many potential buyers as possible.

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  7. "Social media marketing campaigns that are successful are those with long terms goals and quarterly reviews that understand they are cultivating relationship." - You have to consider your target market when you pursue social media marketing. Think about their possible response to your posts. Through this, you can design a user-friendly page that’ll make them want your product. This could be a long term process, but it's all worth it. :)

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