Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Writer Wednesday: To Miss a Manuscript

After being on vacation for two weeks and away from my latest WIP Eternal Witch, the sequel to Familial Witch, I didn't realize how much I missed it! Is that even possible? If I wasn't an author I'd be considered clinically insane. But luckily I am an author. Shew...that was a close one. The loony bin has been trying to get me for years.

But why is it OK to miss a manuscript or to even mourn one? I've read authors who wrote novels that were never published that sigh in interviews and dab at unshed tears over they fact that their beloved characters will never be seen. Then others rejoice over the fact sometimes years later they are able to get a contract and publish their beloved long ago buried ms.

So back to my Eternal Witch...I think it's the characters and their story. It's all up in my head and needs to get out. I'm so close to finishing that first initial draft and I NEED to get it out. I'm scared I'm going to forget something or suffer an accident causing amnesia and their story will never be finished. EEK!!

I think I may be having a bit of my smartypantsdiva moment. You think? So to my critique partner's bitter delight I'm about to load her up with a whole flipping MS.

What about you? Ever missed a WIP, MS or perhaps characters from a series you love?


  1. I never miss them since my characters are a part of me

  2. I set a limit to my addictive writing habit. I told my self that the only thing that i write on sunday is my blog...but oh how i miss DraDonna!

  3. @Kristine thanks for the support.

    @Lindsay...that's true to. So maybe I am just randy to get the story out. are the epitome of control. I may be there one day

  4. You could be Randy to get the story out. And talk about stranger than fiction. I'm on my iPhone and it capitalized the word and I need a name for a collie in the story I'm writing. So I guess my stories are always with me

  5. If I can't be with my characters, listening to them and living their lives with them, I miss them! I do! They are so real to me. I guess I'm just nuts like other fiction writers. Oh, well.

  6. Since I have no less than one in editing, two wip, and one that I just plotted out today, yeah, if I couldn't be with the characters I'd miss them. The thing is, with me, I'm always telling the story, always writing even when not at the keyboard. The stories are always moving forward in my head.