Friday, September 9, 2011

Hey You! Want To Get Published? Here's a Contest

One of my publishers Stone House Ink is holding a contest. Where anyone can apply to add a chapter to an ongoing collaborative eBook.

Entries are emailed in, 5 finalists will be picked, then uploaded to the blog to be voted on by the public.

Each month's winner will be awarded a prize. In addition to a grand prize winner at the end who will receive an agent package.

You can keep entering each month there is no limit.

Just go here and check out the details.


  1. That sounds really cool actually, I keep hoping to come across things like that when I am a little less busy ;)

    I am in you paranormal group and I accidently missed that group when I followed everyones blog. I am trying to get caught up now.

  2. I saw that contest on twitter. Just can't do it right now. Too busy bouncing around blogs in Rachael's campaign, not paying attention to groups especially if I think the writer might be LDS. Few of us in Florida's panhandle. You can find me giving out chocolate to followers at My flash fiction is at