Thursday, February 23, 2012

Traces of ....

So it's been a while since I did a review or an interview. And the review isn't per my usual as I'm talking about two novellas. A book one and book two of a series. I apologize for my lack of reviewyness but hey I'm bringing something sweet and emotional. Lets get to the books shall we. 

Title:  A Trace of Love (Book 1)

Author:  Danielle Ravencraft

Genre:  Contemporary Romance Erotica

Blurb:  Ophelia Martinez has a chance encounter with internationally famous rock-star, Trace Curtis. To Ophelia, Trace will always be the charming boy she met in high school. They share one night together in which Trace falls in love with Ophelia. But Ophelia knows she can’t continue to live in the past, at least not with the secret that haunts her present.

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Title:  A Trace of Passion (Book 2) 

Author:  Danielle Ravencraft

Genre:  Contemporary Romance Erotica

Blurb:  Ophelia’s in for a birthday surprise that turns out to be a birthday nightmare as she’s reunited with hunky rock star, Trace Curtis. The pain of her defiance runs deep and he won’t leave Ophelia alone without an explanation. The more time they spend together, the more their passion grows. Ophelia knows in her heart she should tell Trace the truth, but will her secret drive him away?

Bri~Trace of Passion is the second in a trilogy of novellas. What made you decide to go this route?

DR~What made me go with a trilogy? In all honesty, it's just how things turned out lol. My publisher wasn't happy with the ending of "A Trace of Love". They wanted me to flesh it out and give it a happier ending, but first of all, Ophelia wouldn't have it, and second I wanted to keep the story short. At the time I had been mulling around the idea to continue to story in my head, so I talked to my editor about it and she loved the idea of bringing the characters back, so it evolved into two books. But as soon as I finished writing Book 2, I knew there would have to be one more because there are some surprises at the end of Book 2 that Trace and Ophelia need to address before they can truly have their happy ending. 

Bri~Boy I can relate to that. Characters that demand things their own way are impossible to ignore. The heros name is actually Trace in your trilogy, as in each of your titles the same word is used. Was that planned? How did it come about?  

DR~Heehee. Yes I did that on purpose. I like to have titles that mean something or are a play on words. It's just something I like to do...Like a signature mark or something. I spend weeks with a dictionary and thesaurus open until I find the right combination of words. Sweet, simple, catchy, and will make the reader giggle once they figure it out. :) 
Bri~ I'm the same way. Little techniques or patterns that are distinctly me. Even if I'm the only one to now it's still important. Tell us about the third installment? Is this the end? There were two surprises at the end of Passion will those two be resolved?

DR~ Yes the third book, A Trace of Hope, will be the final installment. This might end up being a little longer than the fist two books, but the story will finally end. Makes me sad just thinking about it, but I also feel like I owe Trace and Ophelia their happy ending after everything I put them through.....

Bri~ Darn straight you do. They have been through a lot you spiteful woman. LOL 


So I'm not one to summarize an already great blurb so I tend to leave those out of my reviews. In short I almost ripped Danielle a new laptop hole after I read Trace of Love because I wanted the sequel immediately. Trace and Ophelia are amazing characters. The way that Danielle can create characters of that kind of depth and a plot with such intensity in so few words is a testament to her craft and talent. 

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    I'm looking forward to book three too. I love how Danielle tells a story and I fell in love with Trace and Ophelia. Hurry up with A Trace of Hope. When will it be coming out?

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