Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Winner of the Kindle Guest Post Contest

 If you follow the blog then you know that for the month of April I invited anyone to guest post about anything. We had some great posts from  writing related advice to how to craft a grocery list. But in the end there could be only one winner. However, below I'd like to list the top five with their hits. 

5. " 3 Ways to Gain Influence Online...that you haven't tried" by KC Neal had 118 hits. 

4. "Ordinary Housewife or Deadly Assassin"  by Alexa Martinez had 150 hits.

3. "Heaven and the Afterlife?" by Jo Kinchington had 165 hits.

2.  "How to Gain Blog Traffic from Writing Communities" by Nicole Pyles had 281 hits.

And the winner is...

1. "Did that really happen?" by Jennifer Comeaux had 340 hits!

Congrats to Jennifer. And thank you to each and every person who contributed. Now just for my own kind of little honorable mention section. There were two blogs for me that I really found useful. 

A. Secrets of an Acquisitions Editor
B. The Newsletter Formula

Finally, I want to add my own little take from this. If you look at the diversity of the blogs and then look at the winner I think you'll notice a little winning formula. 

First, my audience is targeted to authors, readers, and the publishing industry. So anything to entice them would have been a guest author's best way forward. 
Second, Sincere personal experience where you share something special that connects with people on a personal level was the other ingredient. 

Jennifer's post had both. 

Thank you again to all the posters and as always if you were enlighten, entertained or even offended feel free to share this post using those nifty share buttons below.

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