Monday, November 26, 2012

Antibullying: It's Elementary Ya'll

As someone who was a victim of bullying from middle school to high school I'm very aware of it in all four of my children. It really dictated how I raised my children. My sons are very good at handling their own school issues. My girls are much younger and my oldest is 11. She is nothing like me in terms of personality and I love that about her. She kind, compassionate, and much more forgiving. It's a talent I try to nurture in her.And I'm glad that her school has provided a peer group to arm her with skills to deal with bullies and situations as they arise to help her as she prepares for middle school. 


What do you see being done in your community at the elementary and middle school level?

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  1. This year my children both had to attend new schools because my husband retired from the military and we finally settled. Up until a couple weeks ago, my son was on the receiving end of kids that kept kicking him, cutting his clothes and much more. Finally he snapped and showed the boys why they shouldn't poke a sleeping bear (he's a second degree black belt). Just yesterday he came home very disgusted.

    "Mom, guess what the big deal in school is today?"


    "A kid paid 3 other kids a dollar each to kick another kid in the bad spot. He only got 1 day of in school suspension and the kids that kicked the other kid got 2 days."

    Seriously. That was all they gave the kids that damaged my son's clothes, kicked and hit him. Until they make examples of these kids, it will continue. At that age, they have to "see" why not. It's sad, but alas it seems to be truth. Right now, all the kids see is that they get an all expenses paid vacation from the classroom. Their parents aren't inconvenienced so don't come down too hard.

    Then there's the parents like the one of the boy who kicked my son repeatedly. My son has a lot of discipline, being a black belt, but everyone has a snapping point. The first words out of the parent's mouths wasn't "Is the other boy okay?" instead, they asked, "What did that kid do to our boy?"

    Then they had the nerve to come down to our business and loudly demand an apology for hurting her son's feelings with the accusations. As if she would embarrass us into saying it was otherwise. I guess she didn't bank on a very grumpy 27 year veteran warrant officer who was tired of kids messing with his son. He called her bluff, and she left dragging her son by the arm yelling at him for not telling her everything.

    Wow, all that rant just to say until EVERYONE takes bullying seriously, nothing will change.