Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Is it about the Journey or the Destination

After starting my business in October of 2011 I have felt like I’m on a sail boat in a totally unknown sea with only a very basic knowledge of how to man this ship. Along the way I’ve figured out the basics, enough to get me by. In other areas I’ve excelled more because I have complimentary experience to drawl from.

However, along the way I’ve come across some other captains and crews. Some with really really big yachts, others in rowboats, and some in boats equivalent to my own. Only they have a crew and some even a fleet of other ships that all match. As I met these other entrepreneurs or captains if you will I’ve been mentored. I’ve been befriended. And some have kept me distracted while their crew ripped my sails. Nevertheless, sails can be mended.

Now on the one year anniversary of my launch in 2011 I found my Tom Tom!
What is my Tom Tom? He is my “Big Idea” as Melanie Benson Strick would call it.
It’s a regular coping skill of mine to create order around me. A way of feeling in control when there areas that are out of my realm of control but may still affect me. For example, when we were almost destitute after the real estate crash I organize my house, my bills, my grocery list. You name it. If I had access or anyway to have order in my home I did it.

With that said it’s natural I would have skills on how to create a business plan. Nevertheless, it’s often times hard to implement skills for our own benefit that we so easily help others with.

But now I’m on the right track.

Do I have a business plan…technically no. (it’s not on paper)

But it is in my head. And I did put it on a board once…(And my dauthers erased it one day so they could play school in my office.)

It really doesn’t matter if you ask me. Because I know where I’m going. How I get there is part of the fun.

What about you? Do you have a plan for your Big Idea?


  1. Hi Bri,
    I'm intrigued with your Tom Tom. I find myself cleaning and organizing when I'm feeling disorganized in my head!
    I have my Big Idea - one that many have laughed at - but no actual plan for it except to keep that goal in mind. The journey will (as it has been) provide the how. I'm leaving that up to the Universe as I work at it on this level.It's as you said so well, "How I get there is part of the fun."

    1. That's awesome Lori! Thank you so much for sharing. I apologize for my late response. Drama errupted in my family. But I'm sure you can understand. ;) That's awesome you have a great idea. If you want some help with that journey in bringing your journey along I'd sign up for Melanie Benson Strick's blog or her ecourse. It's free and helped me a lot! Good luck! Keep me tuned in please

  2. I like this idea more and more. I've always been a goals type. Writing them down to help with focus is essential or so I thought!

    Increasingly, I find the power of a simple dream is all that is needed. Goals are terrifically important of course, but it is so easy to allow yourself to be beaten up by not achieving them.

    If you can keep the dream, in as specific a manner as possible, as close to the front of your mind as possible, you'll do a lot better than just approaching challenges with goals I think

    Its really important to make the dream as powerful and detailed as you can, give it a try, I find it really helps!

    1. That is great advice Tony! Thank you so much. I'm trying to create a process so that it stands out better. So I have steps and can feel productive as it moves along you know?

  3. Hey Bri, I appreciate your perspective here.

    It's amazing how many things can distract us from where we are headed. Every once in a while, it is good to check the old GPS and make sure you not only no where you are headed but also where you are right now.

    Sometimes where you are right now is just as important as your destination.


  4. I have a plan and it is in writing. But I also have the benefit of a very experienced, motivating partner. He holds me accountable, albeit very loosely and helps me stay focused. We also bounce ideas around day and night, in our office, in bed and when we're out for dinner. Our plan often changes, grows and sheds ideas hat didn't grow legs.
    This is a dream come true for both of us; to live, work, play, love, grow and change with a partner. My destination is the present; to live each moment with my lungs full of here and now.
    Love your blog Bri!