Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Google ain’t Granny

If you are an American, you most likely found yourself off work, frantically cooking, gorging yourself, or traveling to gorge yourself. Basically we were celebrating Thanksgiving. Personally, as in years before my little family and I find ourselves with just us. After a decade of marriage where grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers, and cousins would routinely invade our home at every holiday or even hint of a holiday we found this year that it wasn’t great.

Ham and sweet ham gravy is my husband’s specialty. And for the past years living far away from relatives, we have had ham on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Yes ham on Thanksgiving. This year we opted to deep fry a turkey, make our own pumpkin pies, (yes I bought frozen or store made pies) and really throw down.
Fast forward to the night before where the deep fryer didn’t work out and we were scrambling trying to figure out a plan to cook all we needed to cook in one oven that seemed to be shrinking by the hour.

We need a plan. What can we prep? What can be cook early but still be good hours later? Where did my inherent gut instinct turn to…

Phone call #1 to Granny: Granny isn’t home. She isn’t answering her cell either.

Phone call #2 to Moma: Mom is busy with the festivities back home and isnt’ much of a multitasker. So no help there.

Phone call #3 to BFF: Even with 9 kids and a husband out of town answers are found. Thank you BFF!

Day of Thanksgiving!

The pumpkin pies are a little runny…do they just need to set? Does the turkey go in a bag? Can we put the stuffing inside the turkey? If we do is it still considered dressing.

Phone call #1Granny: She answers. All questions are easily answered and apparently the pies have to cook longer when the oven is also shoved to the brim with other food. There is talk of upcoming plans and finally she asks the pertinent question. The question that spawned this post. “You know all about that old 
internet. Why didn’t you just Goggle it?”

That’s when I realized Google just ain’t Granny. When it comes to knowledge needed from a source that can be trusted implicitly, like say the huge dinner family is expecting, Granny trumps Google everytime.

Why is that? What instinct makes us create this way?

As I considered that I thought of Kristen Lamb. She is friend and colleague I respect on many levels. In a conversation we share once she talked about how we as a people are so overwhelmed with information we are going back to a Tribe mentality. As in a small close connection of people we trust. Just like in days before telegraph, railways, and printing presses.

So there you have. Google may be the biggest search engine in the world. And you can even speak what you want to it now. But it still ain’t Granny.

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