Friday, November 30, 2012

The Disabled Diaries: Lossing an Income

With my husband losing his job and unable to even seek other employment because at the time of his job loss we found out he had an injury leaving him temporarily disabled. I went to where I find relief blogging. This is the first video in the Disabled Diaries Series.

Have you experienced this? The loss of an income? Becoming disabled? Having a sudden change to your family structure? How did you cope?

Bri Clark

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  1. I can so relate to what you're going through Bri! And he's got a foot issue too! It has not been an easy journey at all - still going through it. . .
    I had the disability issue, surgeries, etc. plus a nasty divorce all rolled into one! But slowly (6 years now) but surely I'm bouncing back.
    My biggest move - while scary to do - was to move back into Atlanta suburbs.
    My income - OMG! I'm on disability (that's an entirely 'nother story) and while I'm grateful for it - it is an eye opener. I have to live off of 1200.00 a month. After rent and all my bills/living expenses I'm lucky to have 200.00 left over - and food stamps - yeah 20.00 a month.
    Books sales are unpredictable - slow - part time job? Have been unable to find anything I can do where I can stay off my bad foot. I'd love to find something I could do from home.
    I look forward to hearing about your journey - I've got a multitude of things I could share with you. (oh and is it Lossing or Losing or Loosing?)
    You have your faith and that's probably the best thing one can have through times like this.

    1. Ha Ha! It's supposed to be Losing. Thanks for the tip. I know Jamie. You have a been a huge support already. Thank you so much!

  2. Similar situation on my end, B, with one of us here virtually disabled with crushing back pain and not taking on new work for the next two to three months while healing begins (and hopefully works). Downsizing happening since 2009, and moving into a smaller (I say cozier) place in the near future. I feel for you and anyone else in this humbling situation. May we live in interesting times . . . never thought much about the irony there. Blessings are found in the most unexpected moments.

    1. Justin,

      Thank you for sharing. It's a journey. And I've been here before. We are so blessed. That's awesome you are going "cozy." We lived in a 900 square foot apartment for over a year. It was a challenge but it was amazing experience.

  3. Oh very sorry to hear it Bri. I lost a few media jobs back in 2000 when the "bubble burst." I was working for magazines that covered high ted. Hope it all works quickly for your family.

    1. Thank you doll! You know how it is. Chickens one day feathers the next. Thanks for understanding and for the support.